Entertainment, Convenience and Style!

Utilizing my background in audio engineering, I started Freestyle Home Systems, Ltd. in 2001 as a custom residential electronics integration company. 16 years later, after delving into the world of commercial solutions, we became Freestyle A/V to offer the best of both worlds.

  • Design

    Custom home electronic and entertainment systems require careful planning. We take great care to consider all aspects of your specific needs during this process to create a system that will meet those needs but also exceed your expectations!

  • Installation and Programming

    Installations can vary depending on the complexity of the system and we will work with your schedule to complete your single or multi-day installation in a timely manner. Control is a very personal part of your system and we'll tailor the control to fit your personal style.

  • Continuing Support

    Our work doesn't end when the installation is complete. We will be here to support you and your system in the future, whether you need technical or warranty support, we're just a phone call away!

  • Family Media Room

    Media Rooms come in all shapes and sizes. From a TV/Sound bar combination in the family room to a full blown surround sound system with the latest surround formats, a Freestyle A/V media room will be your homes entertainment center for years to come!

  • Home Theater

    The experience that we have when we see a cinematic marvel on the big screen is something that everyone remembers, and now that same experience can be found without traveling to a crowded theater! The sights and the sounds just the way the director intended, all in the comfort of your own home!

  • Whole House Audio

    Imagine having a stereo in every room of your home! With a Freestyle A/V whole house music system, you can! With many options to choose from, you can listen to any music source that you want! We can design a whole house music system to fit the needs of any home or business.

  • Home Network Systems

    With more and more electronic systems relying on the internet, its more important than ever to have a reliable, robust network! Let Freestyle A/V design a network that can handle the needs of todays entertainment and control systems!

  • Control Systems

    A control system can mean many things. From a simple universal remote for a single room system to multi-room whole house control that gives you access to all of your systems from the touch of a button on a built-in touch panel or even from an app on your phone. Freestyle A/V will work with you to design a control system that will be easy to use!

  • Lighting Control

    Freestyle A/V can help you personalize lighting scenes throughout your home and recall them at the touch of a button or you can even have them change automatically depending on the time of day or activity. Lighting control is scaleable, so you can start small and expand when needed and can also be adapted to include shade control.

  • Surveillance

    Keep an eye on your home or business at all times, whether you're down the street or around the world. A surveillance system from Freestyle A/V will help you keep your peace of mind!

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